CPR Resources for Disabled Learners

Welcome to our hub of accessible resources! Learning CPR and being part of saving someone’s life is for everyone in the Disabled community, and this hub of resources is here to support that.

The Disabled community is incredibly diverse, and so for some Disabled adults the adult learning resources will be best, for some Disabled kids and young people the young people learning resources will be best, and for some this page will be best.

Makaton Video

Check out a CPR video with Makaton created by the Yorkshire Ambulance Service and The Makaton Charity.

Makaton Cards (Word document)

Get access to Makaton prompt cards to support people in learning CPR and being CPR ready. They were created by the Yorkshire Ambulance Service and The Makaton Charity.

Braille (External Website)

Braille users can download this first aid manual which can be converted into braille, enlargeable print or audiobook. Bookshare is a download service for schools, colleges, and academic organisations.

Easy Read Instructions (Word document)

For many people with learning disabilities a resource where text is accompanied by pictures (Easy Read resources) are the most helpful. Check out our Easy Read resource to support CPR learning!

BSL (Video)

Watch a CPR video with British Sign Language (BSL) interpretation which was created by the South Western Ambulance Service for Restart a Heart day in 2020.

Audio Instructions (Video Playlist)

This YouTube playlist has audio instructions on the steps to save a life, hands only CPR, and using public access defibrillators (PAD’s). This is to make becoming CPR ready more accessible for anyone who finds listening works best for them.

Plain Text (Word document)

We have a plain text file available for download. This is to make accessing information on learning CPR as easy as possible for those who use a screen reader.

Easy Read 999 Text (Word document)

Check out this easy read resource from the Scottish Ambulance Service on how to send a text in an emergency.

999 Text (External website)

This is a service to text the emergency services on 999, but phones must be registered for the service in advance. Click to learn more.

Resources for Trainers

Have a look at our resource page dedicated to CPR trainers who wish to make their sessions accessible for Disabled people.

Board Game (Web page)

If you are someone who enjoys learning in a group setting and learning through discussion then why not get together a group of friends, family, or colleagues, and play our board game. Click the image to download a print – at – home version of the game.

Thank you

Thank you to Chris Purnell from the Scottish Ambulance Service for starting the conversation around bringing the Disabled community into the chain of survival. It is his work we are building on. Thank you to all the Disabled people and CPR session leaders who took the time to complete our surveys and share their experiences. Thank you to the Resuscitation Council UK for their support and guidance.

Without you all this work would not have been possible.

If you would like to give us feedback on your experience and how we can improve the page then please click on the link below, alternatively you can email us at hello@savealife.scot.

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