CPR Resources

Tailored resources for Adults and Young People

Every year about 3,200 people in Scotland are treated by the Ambulance Service after having a cardiac arrest.

Unfortunately, survival rates for out-of-hospital cardiac arrests are low but we all have the power to help change this. Starting CPR saves lives so we’re asking you to get ready! Thank you for taking the first step by visiting this page. Below you’ll find an abundance of resources to help you learn how to save a life tailored for both adults and children. Our current resources also cover how to do CPR while there is a risk of coronavirus (Covid-19).

Adult CPR Resources

All the resources you need to become a CPR champion today! Educational videos, signs to identify a cardiac arrest, common CPR fears addressed and resources for those who have been affected by cardiac arrest.

CPR Resources for Young People

Become a superstar CPR Kid Researcher today! We’re asking budding researchers to teach their family and friends how to save a life. The Kid Researcher CPR kit includes all the tools you’ll need.

Learn CPR face to face

The COVID pandemic has restricted us from offering face-to-face learning opportunities for the moment, but as soon as restrictions lift, check back to learn more about our live classes.