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Join an army of crowd sourced CPR responders

Good Sam logo, red. Square with a running stick man and text reads: Good Sam.

When someone has a cardiac arrest, help could be around the corner. With the launch of a new app, GoodSAM, in Scotland, you could be that help. 

We’re a nation that cares about each other and readily offers help. In an exciting development, that willingness to help has been paired with some clever tech to create an army of cardiac arrest responders across Scotland. When someone has a cardiac arrest, as well as the usual paramedic response, the GoodSAM app allows the Scottish Ambulance Service (SAS) to notify nearby volunteers so they can attend and give potentially life saving CPR before the ambulance arrives.

We’re asking anyone in Scotland who knows CPR to sign-up and make themselves available to this life saving service. When the minutes are so important you could be the difference in helping a stranger in need who’s just around the corner or a neighbour who needs your help.

Using the same technology that finds the closest taxi or takeaway, the app will alert nearby lifesavers, allowing them to respond to the call and attend to the person in need. Making the most of our collective life saving and doing everything we can to get those vital chest compressions started as early as possible. All it needs is a simple sign up and you could be involved in saving a life. So sign up and download the app and let’s continue to be a nation that cares.

Thanks Scotland!

Be ready to save a life!

Step 1: Learn CPR

You don’t need to be a trained professional to be a GoodSAM responder, you don’t even need a first aid certificate. You just need to know CPR. Watch the videos to refresh your memory or learn for the first time.

Step 2: Sign up to GoodSAM

Sign up is easy just click the GoodSAM logo and follow these steps to become a medical responder with GoodSAM. Don’t worry you don’t have to be a Doctor, you just need to know CPR and be over 18. You’ll need some photo ID to hand.

  • Complete the form 
  • Select UK: Scottish Ambulance Service as your verifying organisation (even if you work for another organisation)
  • Take a picture of your photo ID (Drivers licence, young scot card, work pass etc)
  • Tick the box to accept the terms and conditions to register 
  • Download the app 

The team at SAS will verify you and you’ll be good to go.

Join GoodSAM now

Download our flyers to share with others to help get the word out.

Responder Stories

Ian in Turriff

“I live in a rural town within the Grampian Region and have been volunteering as a cardiac responder in my local community for almost 7 years, initially with the Sandpiper Wildcat Project and now directly with the Scottish Ambulance Service. The goodsam app enables me to easily sign on and off when I am available to help and following an alert, will navigate me to the location and I will provide care to the patient until the Ambulance Crews arrive and then support them if required and also help family in whatever way I can.

I do not come from a medical background but receive regular training with the Scottish Ambulance Service and find my volunteering role, which provides the opportunity to share some knowledge and life saving skills with the wider community very rewarding”.

The Sandpiper Trust logo. Round in shape and yellow in colour. Text reads: Saving lives in rural Scotland,